There’s a reason Jannah is not in her hands,
but under her feet.

For if it was in her palms, her selfless love would have
handed it to you despite your deserving.

Alas, it is the ground that bears her entire weight. That is
where heaven lies, and if you wish to achieve it- carry her

Wipe her tears.
Give her hope.
Kiss her hands.
Tell her you love her,
in every tongue you speak.
Clean for her.
Cook for her.
Strive for her.

Do not simply hold her hand, for that is not where heaven lies.
Bare her burdens.

You may never come close to the unconditional manner and love in which she bared yours-
But you may earn the key to the gardens of eternal bliss locked beneath her feet.
الراحة في الجنة
Rest is found in heaven
My mother says this every time things get hectic and there’ a lot going on just to remind herself and us that this world was not created for us to rest in and that we can only truly rest when we are in Jannah. I love it because it describes the nature of this life as well as reminds us to work hard for Jannah so we may finally be at rest. (via technicolour-thoughts)